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How to: Upgrade and Install Playstation 4 Hard Drive

You've owned your Playstation for a few years now. You've beaten or invested many hours in digital worlds. No matter what has transpired, there are many more great games to come only to find out... You're out of space. You have to delete games in order to play more. You want to upgrade your hard drive for more space but you don't know how or you're too afraid. Don't worry, I'll show you how and help you every step of the way.

Forum Thread: My ps4 only displays on 1 out of three TVs

My PlayStation only works on one out of the three TVs we have. So basically we bought a new smart tv that we have in our living room. I decided to take my PlayStation to the new tv to see how it was. After trying the new tv out I went to put my ps4 back in the tv it wa in before and it didn't work. So then I put it in the other tv we have and it still didn't work. I updated my ps4 and the two TVs it didn't work on and still nothing. Changing the hdmi cable The resolution of the ps4 done nothi...

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