Andromeda: The Gaming Dumb Squib

Have you ever heard about a dump squib? Well, this means a firecracker that burns, promising to explode into something amazing but never exploding and leaving everybody disappointed. Well, this is what happened with the game Andromeda. When the fans of the Mass Effect series heard about this game, they were so excited they dropped everything they were doing but were very disappointed by the fact that the game was not only boring, it was also filled with never ending bugs.

After playing this game, you will be excused for thinking that this is not Mass Effect. Apart from a simply boring world that it represents, we are talking about characters that look just like dolls and mannequins from a history that no sane person wants to remember. The dolls behave in a funny, if not totally absurd way. You will be left wondering who creates a plot like the one on Andromeda.

As if all the problems we have mentioned above are not enough, there are much more issues such as bots that will simply not react if you are at a distance of over 40 meters. The way the people on the games are animated will drive anyone to drink. If you want to keep on playing, just do not look at the faces. It's just ridiculous as you will see enemies appear again where you killed then if you happen to move more than 400 meters away.

There is something about this game that makes it look like it was developed in some backyard studio with a small budget. If you asked us for any advice, we will tell you that even writing an essay is more exciting than playing Andromeda. At least in the essay, you decide on your own plot.

Yours Sincerely,
Lana Stidolph
blog editor of EssayService

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